Blackburne History

The Blackburne Doublestrung compared to other single strung racquets:?

Why double-strung?

Blackburne DS 107

Dwell Time

Compare the short dwell period of a topspin shot with a conventional racquet. For topspin shots, the dwell period with the Blackburne is much longer for greater topspin with no nasty 1/2" frame to get in the way.

The more the Blackburne Racquet is closed for topspin, the more the relative available hitting area and therefore spin and control.


When imparting topspin with a conventional racquet, much of the time the ball catches the trailing edge of the racquet and flies out of control. Not with the Blackburne! Because there is no protruding frame, the ball always leaves the trailing edge cleanly. So, for topspin shots that leave your racquet cleanly and reach your intended destination, even when they hit the frame, try the Blackburne Doublestrung and practice your topspin!

Avoid a Frameshot

When striking the ball flat with a conventional racquet, the ball sometimes hits either the tip or the throat coming off in strange and dangerous angles. The Blackburne performs wonderfully on off-center hits giving you more control, stability, and confidence.

You can avoid a frameshot altogether! Plus, the Blackburne's unique stringing system resists tortion on off-center hits thus giving you greater stability and control while playing. It also cuts down on the chances of developing tennis elbow which is a result of lateral jaring or mis-hits.

Try a slice shot

On a slice shot with the conventional racquet, the ball tends to catch the edge of the frame resulting in ineffective, often fluffed shots. With a slice shot with the Blackburne Racquet, the ball hits the top edge and still flies true.

Instead of having the ball hit the top edge of a conventional racquet and go to the ground, try a slice shot with the Blackburne and a slice-frame shot will become a distant memory.

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